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Default Thank you

Hi Al!

Thanks much for taking the time to read the training materials and briefings and posting your thoughts and observations. Hopefully some of the resources can be beneficial to you in your work as a transition training instructor.

I'd very respectfully ask that we keep this thread dedicated to the task of providing the highest quality training resources to RV transition instructors and new members of our community at no cost. My work developing these resources is my way of paying back for a great flying career as well as inclusion in the VAF family, which is also the same reason I don't charge for my time as a CFI or flight advisor. Our angle of attack work is also conducted by a dedicated team of volunteers organized as a non-profit, open source effort to provide hardware, software and training resources designed to mitigate loss of control risk at very low or no cost as well. Our team volunteers their time and resources to the project. I fully realize that many folks make their living as an instructor, use instruction to supplement their income or offset financial risk, or provide services and products to the EAB community for profit, so there is obviously consideration that need be given to business arrangements; but I'd like to steer clear of that discussion in this thread, sir, if we may. Our mission is to get the information to the widest possible audience.

I'd also like to politely disagree that an inexperienced pilot would lose confidence (or be overwhelmed) simply by reading technical information. I specifically designed one of the appendixes as a "reader's digest" summary of RV handling characteristics for pilots new to type, and the Normal and Emergency procedures chapters are written in expanded checklist format specifically to help folks develop checklists or procedures for their particular aircraft. And, of course, some of the material is designed for instructors and dedicated to training program management. When I teach, I assign applicable portions of the text as a reading assignment for mission prep. The academic briefings are designed for instructors to introduce RV aero, handling, weight and balance and maintenance to transitioning pilots. Technique only, but I recall as a student that I always benefited from reading instructional material as well as the basic text. Lots of folks in our community have built their own airplane--that's an amazingly impressive thing to me, and demonstrates an incredible amount of discipline, skill and dedication to the craft. Undoubtably, many of these folks apply a similar mindset to training and honing their skills as aviators as well.

Of course, it's our job as instructors to help our fellow pilots. I've received great assistance from other folks in the VAF family developing these resources, and I welcome yours as well. If you would like to help edit or contribute; please feel free to do so. The links contain Word and PowerPoint versions of all of the briefings, texts, grade sheets, etc. that are designed for instructors or any interested RV'er to download and modify. If you have any trouble with the links, let me know and I'll email you a copy. Send me any edits or critique and I'll incorporate them in the next change!

Also, please feel to PM, email or give me a call any time to discuss training resources or any of our work.

We always welcome assistance and critique, so lease take this in the spirit in which it's intended. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to engage with you.

Very respectfully,

Mike Vaccaro
RV-4 2112
Niceville, Florida

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