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Installed the engine mount and test fit both the landing gear legs. The instructions say installing these "can't be easier", except they don't actually fit all the way in, so there's going to be some light sanding and polishing so i can actually get the round peg to fit in the round hole.

Bucked on both bottom wing skins and got them ready for assembly with the fuse.

We test fit one wing at a time to make sure everything lined up. To do this we used the hardware store bolts that I ground down to make some drift pins. The wings go on/off in about 5 minutes with no issues. After we test fit individually, we started one morning early, mounted both wings and worked on getting everything straight so we could drill the rear mount hole. The width between the blue lines is the margin of error for putting the rear bolt in and keeping the required edge distance. They don't give you much extra material back there. In the end we ended up with 0 sweep, 0.9 degrees of incidence on both wings (to help make the flap skins sit flush against the bottom of the fuse), and 1/16" out of square between the left and right wing when measured to a common spot on the fuse.

Once the rear mounts were drilled/reamed to final size, we took the right wing off and now I'm doing the minor work on the left side. We mounted the aileron and rigged everything up so its all in trail with the sticks in the neutral position. Installed the elevator up stop and gave ourselves 30.5 degrees of travel. Van's allows between 25 and 32 degrees.

We hung the flap as the last thing today. Immediate future work will be drilling through the fuse floor to rig the left flap and make sure everything moves freely. I've gotta do some research on how to run the fuel lines with the inverted pick-up and I have to make up the circular vent tubing and install the wing root fairing.

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