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Made some progress in the last week. Inventory is compete and we're only missing a few minor nuts and bolts. Got to work on the tanks and they're ready to be closed up. Working on the wings now and will have the ailerons and flaps ready to go on by this weekend hopefully. Put an order into vans for some tank sealant and closeout plate for the inverted tank closeout. Talked with our panel guy and he's gonna get the gap 26 aoa probe and the wing harnesses made up and sent out. Got to put in order into spruce for the wingtip lights, nav antenna and other misc things before closing out the wing. Had an interview today and a follow-up in a few days, so 8 hour days may be in short supply for the plane, but if I get the job I can put the engine on order. We realized we were over a month behind on the blog, so we made a few posts tonight and should hopefully be caught up by the weekend. Check it out.

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