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Default 9DB---BOGIE AT 8 O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!!

Never mind---it is a friendly.

Actually, there were nine friendlies!!! You see, at KPRC we have a rather large contingent of pilots on our "Fly to Breakfast/Lunch" mailing list. This past Sunday we had a total of nine planes/14 people whose "mission" that day was to patrol the Chino Wash and then to rendezvous for breakfast and de-brief in Seligman, AZ at West Side LiLo's--wheels down at 0900. West Side LiLo's is one of those historical 1950's-1960's diners located right on old Rte 66 in northern AZ. However, if you go there beware---they serve "cowboy sized" meals!!!!

The flight this day consisted of three RV9a's, one RV8a, one Cessna 180, one Cessna 172SP, one Maule, one Commanche, and a SpitFire-------------
wait----a WHAT???

The owner of the Spitfire, Bob DeFord, is one of the locals and normally flys his Champ or a Midget Mustang on pleasure flights but today felt the Spit needed some exercise--to **** with the Allison's 55 gph fuel consumption!

After too much breakfast and a thorough debrief (read airplane talk) we started the return to Prescott. On the way a couple of the friendlies took some pics of my 9a and Bob's Spitfire in loose formation flight. We had to slow (Bob a LOT more than me) to 125 kias to allow the camera ship, a Cessna 180, to pace us. I was down to 17.5 inches mp and Bob had one eye glued to the big Allison's temp gauge. However, all went well, it was a special day for all (especially Janie and I) and I got some "keeper" pics thanks to Bob, Janice and Rick.

BTW, if you want to know more about Bob's Spitfire, pick up a copy of the March issue of Sport Aviation magazine--his plane is on the cover and it contains a really nice write up on him and his special air transport!!


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