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In my youth, we used a modification of the plastic bucket method. Coat hanger wire strung across the bucket through the center (axially) of an old coke can so that it can rotate. Slather the can with some peanut butter or other attractive goodies. Run a ramp up to the top of the bucket from the floor. Rat goes up ramp, jumps for the PB, which rotates, dumping him into the bottom of the bucket. Six inches of water in the bottom keeps him from being able to get any purchase to jump back out of the bucket (and they can jump a LOOOONG way up from a dry bottom). Come back in the morning, put on some Pink Floyd (the rat drowning song) with a cuppa or some other morning-enhancing stimulant, add another few inches of water to the bucket (if you are really sadistic, just enough that his back feet can almost touch the bottom), and you can observe as the rat drowns "satisfactorily."

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