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Originally Posted by Chofrock
I have been looking at these, and wondering if it can be done without the welding (since I do not know how to weld). Instead of welding on the bottom angle backets, couldn't they just be bolted on with a couple of bolts?
I'm sure if you make 100% sure you do not have any play between the angle feet and the post you might be able do it with bolts. You do not want any relative movement once the posts are bolted down. Once you start riveting you are going to exert force on that joint and you do not want movement, cause that will create wing twist. To be safe rather weld it, you do not have to be a professional welder. Just ask a buddy that can weld to help you, it will take him less than 15 minutes to do it, if everything is cut to length and deburred. It is not super critical to have the post absolutely perpendicular, since your floor most probably also have variations. You will use the arms to get it 100% level and aligned.

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