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Default Flap/ Fuse interface

Surely someone will chime in telling me I did something wrong. All is good.

Background = Fabbed a second set of flaps. First set was per drawing and not such a good fit. Second set was basically a custom set length(s) wise to get a tight fit; everything was match marked and cut to fit.

Mounting the flaps to the wing, I don't get a good fit where the bottom flap skin overlaps the fuse bottom. There is progressive interference towards the leading flap edge. What did others do in a similar situation?

- Try to form the overlapping skin to relieve the interference
- Shim between the IB flap rib/skin to make the fuse and flap surfaces planar?
- Something else?

If this were a second build, I'd probably know enough that getting the last fraction of a degree wing incidence would cause more work than it was worth.

Your help here is appreciated.
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