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Default Ferry story

Years ago Commander Aircraft engaged me to pick up a 112 from London Ontario and ferry it to Oak City where they were going to refurbish it and sell it on. I was to stop nr Chicago and show it to the prospective buyer on the way.

Excluding the story about being stopped for smuggling and the aircraft being impounded for 24 hrs in Port Clinton Oh (which is another story altogether)...

The aircraft was "fresh out of c&a" and supposedly ready to go. I was told it was IFR equipped. It looked like at least the first leg would be IFR in standard Ohio summer 1 mile in haze and ceiling indeterminate.

Dropped off in London, airplane looks a bit ratty but hey, so does my plane. On my preflight I notice the tanks are half full, hmmmm, oh well I'm in a hurry. I mention I'm filing an IFR, the seller says something like "ummmm, I'm not sure I'd fly it IFR".

Decided I'd go around the patch before I left. Take off, hit the gear handle, nothing....jiggle it a few times, gear finally comes up. Ok, maybe the motor is a little old and tired. On final, go to put the gear down......nothing. Ok now I'm sweating a little. How would a gear up landing look before I'd even flown it 5 mins? A little more jiggling and the gear comes down.....slooooooowly....then 3 green, touch and go, and I'm off as the gear slowly groans its way back into the wells. Glad I had my brand new handheld lowrance GPS and my handheld radio. All the gyros started to spin like mad after 10 mins and the radios were almost useless!

Clear in at port Clinton (long customs story omitted) and then off to chitown to meet the customer. Get there, he's a no show. So, waiting in signature while they fill me up and I check weather. Line guy comes in "is that your commander on the ramp?" When I answer yes he says, ominously, "you'd better come see this". On the ram they had 4 or 5 pickle buckets lined up under the wings to catch the fuel pouring out as fast as they'd pumped it in. Well, I figured it would stop when it got down to the tabs, which is where the fuel was when i picked it up. Now I know why.

Took off again, Decide to head to Cincinnati LUK because of weather on the direct route. Nearing Cincinnati it's getting dark. About 3 miles out I decide to turn on the lights. Hit the switch....BANG.....FLASH......fizzzzzzzzz.....

I got lights alright, just flashy smelly smokey ones behind the panel!

Finally get it on the ground, park it, call the factory. "Come and get this pile of junk, I'm not flying it an inch further"

I understand when the factory pilot got it to the factory the mechanics there opened up the airframe and showed the pilot corrosion bad enough that he turned white when he saw it.
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