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Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
Granted, I haven't been paying close attention lately but in looking at Garmin's website I'm seeing only three ADS-B In sources for the Garmin 660. I can't imagine they've made the GDL-39 (3D & normal) obsolete, but have they?

I guess this is a better question to ask Garmin but thought for a quicker answer I'd post the question here.
Hello Mike,

Not sure what your concern is, but Garmin still sells the GDL 39 and has it on its website.

We no longer sell the GDL 39 3D since the attitude feature is standard with all the new GDL 50/50R/52/52R models and there are not separate "3D" models.

Additionally, a GDL 50 is the same price as a GDL 39 3D with more features standard including built-in battery, attitude sensors, and dual RS-232 ports on all GDL 5X models.

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