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Default trio, what does the future hold?

I placed my order for the EZ Pilot autopilot and EZ-2 altitude control w/auto trim. But held off ordering the control heads. Trio said that there are some "very interesting" things coming out of Trio in January. I suspect they will be tight lipped at Airventure. We talked about the changes and advancements in experimental avionics. He cinched it for me when he said that they have shipped over a hundred servos sans control heads. I'm two or three years from needing them anyway. So, as I've read in another post about buying everthing you could think of now. Gee, if it's going to sit in a box for a few years and the techlology is advancing...I think it's a no brainer. For a few more dollars (maybe), wait and plug in the latest software,product advancement your money can buy.
I'm just sayin'
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