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Like '' Sorry Hon, gotta go , I've got a pup to deliver...

P.S: Chris, I just send the info to all my flying partners, it might help..[/quote]

Bruno, that's an excellent reason to get out of the house chores and go flying. How can anyone not buy that?

And thanks for helping to get our news about
out in your area. I hope other Canadian pilots who sees this, will come forward and sign up if they are able or at least spread the message to friends and colleagues like you have.
To keep it RV-related, one of the flights we did earlier in the month was with a Harmon Rocket (which as you all know is derived from the RV4). My friend removed the back seat, hooked up a restraint for the dog and spread out an old sleeping bag. I was surprised at how much room the dog (a 45lb. Brittany Spaniel) had back there. He was a happy camper as you can see in some of the photos we took.
If you're interested, there are a few photos from the flight on the home page of the PnP Canada website (link above)
Thanks again for your support.

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