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You don't really need an excuse to go flying, do you?
But if you're addicted, like most of us are, it is a worthwhile alternative to the $100 hamburger or whatever the rate for those are these days.
A friend and I did a PnP flight last week, each of us carrying a dog in our small homebuilt aircraft. It was a really nice way to spend the day, and with two, it worked well for loading and unloading the animals from the tight airplane spaces, something non-pilots are not usually in tune with. Your RV4, especially with the rear seat removed, would be fine for anything but the largest dog I think (maybe not in a crate though).
I see from your profile that your day-job is very much seniority-driven, so here's your chance to get a really low number with PnP Canada! After you've joined, we would sure appreciate it if you could print a few flyers (link to a download is on the website) and post these at your loacl small airfields, flying clubs etc. Most of our members are in BC right now because that's where it started but the aim is to have a truly national organization.

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