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Default The Odyssey of N5183

Here is the only picture from my phone I took on my way back from 77S (Creswell OR to Winder GA of my RV1.
The trip was pretty much as planned, 2400 NM southern route. 24 flight hours over 3 1/2 days. Beautiful scenery, but very hot on the ground.
Left 77S 7/7 @ 1030PDT, fuel at O37(Orland Haigh), spent 1st night in Bakersfield (L45). A gentleman pulled up on golf cart as I was readying for departure on morning of 7/8, and we struck up a conversation, turns out it was John Harmon, (who knew):-)).
Next stop was KCGZ (Casa Grande AZ) for fuel and the folks there were great .
Spent 2nd nite in KDMN and met Jake the Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback dog and some great folks at the FBO providing me with a ride to the motel . I highly recommend the Grand Motor Inn.
The 3rd day was hot in West Texas as I flew east to 7T7 (SkyWest) south of Midland for fuel. Sign in FBO window: Guns Welcome Please keep holstered unless required to shoot. Hit what you aim at. ;-)). Met a very nice pilot(Gary) who assisted with the fuel fill-up. Hope to see him at OSH.
Then on to F44 (Athens, TX) for the 3rd nite and some Texas BBQ at Danny's
Stayed at the Victorian Inn, with transportation provided by Carroll Dyson of Dyson Aviation, both he and Miss Mary were kind enough to let me park overnight at their ramp. The Chevy pick-up was excellent transportation.
Off to KBQP (Bastrop, LA) for next fuel stop on 4th day.
Had made good time so had flight following direct to KWDR (Home) and dodged the building "Q" to home. Arrived about 2PM EDT and glad I made the trip. Crossed California off bucket list & a true "Cross Country" as well.
Special thanks to Malcome Steck, LT. USN for providing me with the opportunity to fly this fun airplane.
Hope to see everybody at HBC OSH in 2 weeks.

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