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Originally Posted by ChrisRV12new View Post
Taxi and flight test today were a success. I kept the power much higher during cold engine warm up.
Correct. Idle warm-up at higher speed is beneficial. I bring idle speed to ~ 2800 RPM as soon as engine starts.

Cold engine runs smoother when speed is increased.
Better for gearbox when engine runs smooth no chattering.
Smoother running is better for carb float level.

Let engine run ~3500 RPM for a minute or so prior to the 4000 RPM ignition drop test. This will normalize float levels that would otherwise contribute to large RPM drop.

Also, best to run fresh fuel. High-octane Mogas isnt a big seller at gas stations, so its a little like a **** shoot when buying. I buy 93E10 for engine requiring 91 octane, so not much of a cushion there. Ethanol in the fuel is very volatile. The vented fuel tank allows air exchange. Alcohol will evaporate causing a reduction in octane, and because alcohol is hydroscopic, it will absorb moisture from the air which isnt good either. If possible, use a Top Tier gas supplier.
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