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Originally Posted by Radioflyer View Post
So I wonder what the status is of this build? Success?
Not quite yet!

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I started a house addition.
In the past few weeks I've built a garage and am about halfway through framing the main part of the job, which is a 900sqft bedroom, bathroom, 2x closets and office. I don't really like contractors, and the framer I hired turned out to be absolutely useless (sacked him on day two) so I've done most of it myself, with occassional help of a friend, a neighbor and my wife (who helped me lift two 16ft 4x14 beams into place and also shingle half the roof). I've quite enjoyed it, even in the monster heat, and it seems to be coming out OK so far.

It's a shame, because the aircraft is pretty much done. I have been doing a few things here and there, such as replacing the micture cable and cable bracket, fitting a FlyLEDs tail strobe and finishing the cowl fiberglass fettling. The panel is wired and the switches are labelled. With the Covid, the work situation and the house build, I just haven't felt the desire to get on with it.

My friend Brett Zefting flew over for a preliminary Condition Inspection. I got a ride in a Glasair 2 and was pleased to discover that I had made the correct choice in buying a Van's product. We went through the list found a few minor things to sort - placards and suchlike - but it's otherwise ready for the air.

I still haven't resolved the trim adjuster bracket. That's something I haven't been looking forward to, and I've been putting it off. Also, wheel pants and leg fairings, but they can wait.

Anyway, here's a shot of the house. Not a flying RV-6, sorry...

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