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Well I'm waiting on some fiberglass right now so let's get some more done on the wings.

I decided to get the bottom skins all dimpled and riveted to the wings after doing anything else inside I needed to. After watching some videos of others it is definitely something I can do myself. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be either.

Right wing all finished.

20190716_122359 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

Now there is a bit of a story to these next two pics. I remember back in the day last year saying "I should probably install the stall warner before riveting the leading edge to the spar". I didn't listen to myself and it reaaaaally bit me in the butt. It took almost two hours to put two screws in and get the wiring in. The black screws are allens and they can only be turned about one or two flats at a time through an access that your arm BARELY fits through. It was a royal pain and anyone building their wings reading this INSTALL THIS BEFORE RIVETING THE LEADING EDGE TO THE WING!!!.

20190716_152104 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

The carnage 3 hours later...

20190716_200025 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr
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