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Originally Posted by rightrudder View Post
That explains a lot. I like to trim for that 65 knot airspeed to relieve stick pressure. It takes a lot of tab deflection, but it reduces workload in the pattern and while landing.

With my Vso speed at 39 KIAS, I may try 60 KIAS over the fence (with just me and fuel aboard). I'm putting in full flaps even before getting into the pattern, to stay ahead of the plane. Lots of Aeroncas and Cubs going that slow (or slower) at the home field, so I don't mind being a slow poke here.

Have you done any stalls yet? When you find those speeds, it really gives you the confidence to slow it down in the pattern, even though the controls start to feel a little mushy.
Yes, I did a single clean stall and a single 10-flaps stall on my first flight just before bringing it in for landing, my speeds are indicating high due to a static position error that I still need to correct so I don't know the actual TAS for stall but I got a relative number. Second and third flights I did a good stall series clean and at 10 and 20 degrees, have not yet for full flaps. I got my AOA calibrated to give me a good warning on stall approach, rather than relying on the airspeed indicator since I know that is off a bit. From what I can tell my airspeed is indicating about 5 knots fast at approach speeds and 9 knots fast at cruise, almost certainly due to static source position error.

My approaches have been with 20 flaps and 75 knots to short final, dump full flaps and pull the power completely off dropping through 50 feet into the flare, works great for me for now but I'll polish that technique later. The pressure to keep airspeed up for cooling right now is driving everything else, I should have the problem solved in the next few hours.
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