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Default Electric elevator trim tab setup

Just thought I'd throw this out there. Originally, I had about 2/3 up trim, 1/3 down trim, but I'm finding that 3/4 up and 1/4 down works much better...far easier to stabilize at 65 knots in the pattern. Check those clevis pins and keep them lubricated; they're not the hardest material and I suspect they'll wear out sooner than you might think.

Everything looks good under the cowling at 11.3 hours into Phase 1. Oil consumption was maybe a quart total, and that's running it pretty hard, 65 to 75 percent power most of the time. I'm gonna continue this regimen for the next 10 hours or so and carefully track it. So far, not too much is puking onto the exhaust through the breather tube, but maybe that's because I'm keeping it at just over 6 quarts.

I cut down the baffle air dams to about 1/3 of their original size, and initial climb temps are coming down. CHTs in "performance cruise" are in the 360-370 range with a 65-degree OAT, with only about a 15-degree variance, and yes, No. 3 is the hottest. Will try the washer trick.

Today, the OAT at 6500' was about 48 degrees, and I used the heater for the first time. Veeerrrry effective, with the heat muff that surrounds both crossover tubes.

I'm still landing a bit long...this thing is a kite on approach compared to what I'm used to!
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