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Ok - got it.

As I posted, my SkyView/GTN-650 RV-10 install did the LPV approach with needles centered, every time.

So what could be the issue:
- Autopilot tuning? I?m using the default settings (RV-10) and never found a need to change. You may need to do some adjusting.
- Is the GTN-650 doing it?s job? I had a massive issue on my GTN-650 on initial install, later finding out that it suffered from a ?known problem?. What happened was when transmitting on the GTN-650 radio it would loose GPS signal during the LPV approach. Signal would come back after I let go the PTT switch. It took awhile to relate this cause and effect. The feed I got back from Garmin (via the avionics shop where I purchased the unit) was the GTN-650 radio had harmonics that feed back via other avionics not transmitting but in the plane that degraded the GPS antenna, I was told the most common being the ELT antenna. I fixed this. I recommend you look at the GPS satellite display transmitting and not transmitting to see if you have any degradation of satellite reception. I note that my experience is the GTN-650 GPS antenna is more sensitive to mounting location than any other GPS antenna I have used.

Good luck,
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