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Paul K 02-27-2021 07:58 AM

Sun 'n Fun 2021 camping
I am thinking of going to Sun 'n Fun this year and camp with my 7. Looking for any information, where is HBC on the grounds? Shower facilities? Camping conditions? Etc. I've never camped there and havent been there in 10 years.

The Sun 'n Fun WEB page is not up to date and I would like to start getting ready to go!

bjdecker 02-27-2021 09:51 AM

In 2009, 2010, 2015 HBC was located around 27°59'01.16"N, 82°00'48.11"W.

MJ was the camp hostess...Put on great breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Showers were maybe a hundred yards or so down the fence on Doolittle Drive.

jeffw@sc47 02-27-2021 04:46 PM

Been to SnF 7 times , last 5 times since 1994.

The past 4 times camped 3 times in vintage and once at the HB area, each time camped 4 nights.

I enjoyed the areas and the SnF event overall;
EXCEPT the annoying advertisement airplane that meanders over the entire camping areas from the far east to the west recreational vehicle parking/camping area. The plane runs around at around 600-700 feet AGL from sunset to 10pm. Can't easily read the scrolling light message contraption under it's wings and the drone messes with the quiet peaceful night whether you are sitting around chatting with friends or trying to get to sleep after a very tiring day.

I haven't talked to anyone who gives it a thumbs up. Most opins believe the guy flying has a connection with the event management to fly the advertisements - can't imagine that it encourages many customers for whatever is being advertised.

I have decided since I last camped at SnF 2019 that landing at SnF or another field and renting a car/hotel room is a better option for me.

FlyingBanker 02-27-2021 07:34 PM

In 2019 HBC was about as far away from the main area as it could be and still be on the airport grounds. Made me feel like Homebuilts weren’t that important to the SNF folks.

Kyle Boatright 02-27-2021 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by FlyingBanker (Post 1506565)
In 2019 HBC was about as far away from the main area as it could be and still be on the airport grounds. Made me feel like Homebuilts weren’t that important to the SNF folks.

Well, camping isn't exactly likely to be show center. They want people there, not tents. Same at Oshkosh. I genuinely like having airplane people around my airplane and campgear, but don't really need Ma and Pa Kettle and their 4 kids climbing over and through my stuff, so a somewhat remote location is OK. I'd offer that HBC at Oshkosh is pretty far from the "action" too.

rwarre 02-28-2021 07:34 AM

Pretty easy to jump on the trolley to get to the main area. Love the fellowship that comes with camping. The food situation was great for me also.

Steve 02-28-2021 08:10 AM

I lived in FL from '10 thru '18. I flew my RV to SnF 3 times and drove over another 4 times. I never camped and always returned home the same day. I did hang out in the HBC welcome tent most of the day one visit.
MJ and her crew ran the HBC tent back then and she did a fine job of organizing meals, drinks, cleanup, donations, etc.
The number of actual airplane campers numbered around maybe 20. A far cry from the acres of HBC campers at OSH. Because of the fewer folk camping in HBC, all the infrastructure was scaled way back from that at OSH.
I always arrived early in the day and felt I saw everything there was to see in one day. So I was ready to head home before dark. If I were to fly in from another state, I would consider day trips to other parts of FL while perhaps camping at SnF. The Keys or other towns along the Gulf coast for some of that seafood. I think I miss that the most.

Planecrazy232 02-28-2021 09:19 AM

The REAL question
Does anyone have any actual idea that there will be any home base of food and drinks at HBC? In the past the group there did a fantastic job with meals all day long. Any contact information?

Planecrazy232 04-15-2021 09:40 PM

So for anyone on the fence about homebuilt camping at SNF put your worries aside. There is food and drink available, breakfast lunch and dinner at the homebuilt tent. The volunteers are doing a fabulous job. Home built parking looks to me to be in a pretty good spot too. Yes, camping is pretty far east,but the trams run regularly so it’s no problem getting around.

h&jeuropa 04-16-2021 05:06 AM

Thanks for posting this. Not knowing was one of the reasons we stayed home this year.

Jim Butcher

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