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DeltaRomeo 10-09-2013 06:53 AM

Charity Cap Donation ....Jeff Rich
(from Jeff via email. posted with permission)


Thanks to your friends at Embroidery King, my hat showed up in the mailbox today. Looking forward to wearing it when I take my kids (16 and 13) on their first GA flight in a 172 on Wednesday. (Too bad I didn't have it last Friday when I took my wife on her first GA flight.) Alas, we're still years away from finishing our RV-10. We just started in May, and the vertical stab and rudder are complete. Today was 5.5 hours of drilling and deburring the forward spar and spar caps for the horizontal stab.

But I digress.

I'm a pilot for UPS, and our in-house union, the Independent Pilots Association, has a charitable arm cleverly named the IPA Foundation. It's mission, copied straight from the web site is:
The IPA Foundation is dedicated to providing for the well being of children and their basic needs with a focus on making life changing differences for children with exceptional medical requirements.

Because the trustees are volunteers, the overhead costs are next to nil, so nearly every penny donated goes to a child in need. If you're interested in reading more, the web address is:

So, in keeping with your wishes, I just wrote out a check to the foundation.

I'm looking forward to taking some pictures with the hat on my travels around the world. I'll be sure a couple make it to you.

Thanks for such an outstanding resource. Keep up the great work.

Jeff Rich
VAF handle: Freightdawg

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