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RV-4 05-17-2020 08:35 PM

FlyLeds Wig Wag Module
Hello All

Today I installed my Flyleds Wig Wags module that I bought last summer in Oshkosh ( Yep I know I'm slow ) and when I tested them they worked on all 8 flashing modes but that is it...They don't go back to steady lights eventough I turned them off for more than a seconds as called for then back ON...

They are always flashing :confused::confused:

Anyone here ever had this happening with their Flyleds Wig Wag module or know something I may have missed??



Paul from Flyleds 05-18-2020 05:55 AM

Hi Bruno

The Single Switch mode is optional.
To enable this mode of operation, press and hold the PATTERN button and then apply power.
Release the PATTERN button. The lights will flash briefly and then come on continuously.
This procedure only needs to be performed once at installation.

From there:
? Turn your panel switch ON, and both lights come on in Landing Light mode as normal.
? To activate WigWag mode, turn the switch OFF then back ON again within one second.
? To go back to Landing Lights, turn the switch OFF then back ON again after one second.

To return the module to WigWag Only mode, repeat the procedure given above. The lights will briefly flash left/right, and then begin to flash the stored wigwag pattern.

RV-4 05-18-2020 08:20 PM

FlyLeds Wig Wag Module
Hi Paul

Thanks a lot for the info,I must have miss it during the installation.

I'll give it a go next time I'm at the hangar...

ATC mentioned today that it was a lot easier for them to spot the A/C with the lights flashing..



I did the procedure as suggested by Paul the next day and it is working as advertised ..Really happy with the module..

Thanks again Paul

ALagonia 05-19-2020 07:21 AM

The Wig Wag module is awesome.
Had to shoot the LPV approach to get back into our home field a little while ago. Weather was ugly, wind was howling. Our local IA said he could see us on the approach way out there only because of the Wig Wag.
Definitely glad I added the module when I upgraded to the Fly LED landing light in my 9.

Paul from Flyleds 05-19-2020 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by RV-4 (Post 1431568)
ATC mentioned today that it was a lot easier for them to spot the A/C with the lights flashing..


Originally Posted by ALagonia (Post 1431655)
Our local IA said he could see us on the approach way out there only because of the Wig Wag.

Increased visibility to others is the reason why you installed the Wigwag module.
Good to get that feedback that it works as intended!

mr.sun 05-19-2020 07:21 PM

I also have FlyLEDs WigWag module. Works great and I use it on each . I was so happy that I didn?t have to change out my landing light switch and wiring. Thanks, Paul

jliltd 06-09-2020 02:58 AM

Excellent Wig Wag!

I just installed a Flyleds wig wag module in my RV-3B. I can't say enough about the quality and performance of the product. And Flyleds was super to deal with and answered my questions almost immediately via email. This is a product fully engineered from the ground up as an aviation wig wag module and has higher capacity specs than most others, many of which have been adapted from automotive use. I installed a single Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED light assembly in the right wing and the Flyleds controller handles it like it's nothing. I had confirmed this with Flyleds prior to ordering. Even though I was using somebody else's light Flyleds cheerfully confirmed everything was compatible.

Super easy installation that can accommodate numerous switch options with full diagrams of each scenario. I went with a SPDT where center is "Off", down is "Wig Wag" and up is "Landing Light".

One cool feature is that as the flashing mode button is selected there are two LEDs on the control board that flash in unison with each landing light position to show the pattern of L and R. Makes it easier to decide which flashing pattern to use without needing to observe the lights themselves, especially in broad daylight. Since my bird has only one light I only used the "Right" output terminal on the module and selected the most conservative flash pattern of on/off in traditional fashion.

I am very impressed. Enough to recommend Flyleds and wanting to check out their lighting products in the future. In fact had I even known who they were I would have bought one of their lights instead of the Baja product two years ago when I started assembling parts for my landing light.

Paul 5r4 06-10-2020 10:54 AM

another Paul here
I have Pauls nav/strobe package on my 7A for several years now and couldn't be happier. LOVE THEM! If I was building today I would not even consider anyother lights. I have the Baja Designs landing lights only because Flyleds had not come out with their led landing lights yet. I saw his landing lights at OSH... outstanding quality and super bright... and chatted with Paul. As I mentioned, if I was building today I go with the complete package of nav/strobes/landing lights from Flyleds. I do like my Baja lights too. I had someone take a photo of me with them on. I was literally 20 miles away and stood out like a comet in the sky.

Although my landing lights are Baja this is pretty much what your gonna see with the flyleds as well.
IMG_9553 by Paul Gray, on Flickr

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