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vfr800 01-13-2021 12:41 PM

Looking for RV hangar options near Wright Pat AFB?
Word from above is I can expect to move to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (near Dayton, OH) this July. Likely to make home somewhere near I19/Greene Co, KMGY or I73/Moraine. Prefer the first 2 for their instrument approaches, but will likely take whatís available.

Anyone have extra room in a hangar around that area for an RV10, or more likely leads on T-hangar availability? Checked in with Greene Co and was told itís a ~2yr waitlist... Yikes! Iíll call the other airports soon, but welcome any suggestions.

So far we have spent most of our time in the southwest and mountain west (TX, NM, UT & AZ), so are looking forward to exploring/RVing around a new region of our country. Iíve done many work trips to WPAFBís USAFSAM in the past 8yrs, and my eyes will have to get accustomed to the deep green there that is unfamiliar here in Tucson! ;)

DHoover 01-13-2021 01:37 PM


Don't rule out Lebanon-Warren County (I68). I flew out of a club there for a few years and really enjoyed the airport. I lived just north of WPAFB so it was a bit of a drive but otherwise easy enough to get to. Would be great if your looking BeaverCreek/Centerville area for places to live. Springfield also might be a place to check out.

Good luck, lots of good flying in the area. Have Put-in-Bay, Port Clinton, and Eagle Creek for the restaurant next door on your shortlist of places to check out.

vfr800 01-13-2021 02:38 PM

Thatís a helpful pointer, Dyson. Iíll definitely reach out to them as well. Just the sort of group-think I was hoping for by posting. Thanks!

BTW, I was based at Kestrel/1T7 near San Antonio for a couple years with a -9a. Some good memories around there, and getting my initial PPL at Stinson. Iíll shoot ya a PM.

Scott Hersha 01-13-2021 04:58 PM

KHAO is 45 min drive from WPAFB, and normally has a couple rental T-hangars available. Even closer to home if you live south of the base, like Beavercreek. Check with Joe Conrad, ConAir Storage, 513-200-7561 to see what he has available.

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