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Flying Canuck 11-20-2020 02:13 PM

MGL Radios - unboxing
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Received my MGL order today, V16 COM, N16 NAV and Razor control head. Didn't have to wait for long, ordered on November 3, shipped on November 10 after fulfilling a back order on one item.

I couldn't find out much about what each box contained beforehand so I thought I'd document that here.

The V16 and N16 both come with a D25M connector (solder type) with backshell and a crimp SMA connector.

The Razor comes with a D15M connector (solder type) and 2 120 ohm resistors (for CANBUS).

It would have been nice to know what was included in the boxes, I already bought everything that was included because I thought I was going to need it. I'll use what I bought for d-sub connectors because they are crimp style.

I've attached a picture to this post.

These items will be making their way into my panel in the near future along with a PMA8000B audio panel that I picked up. I've got a Bob Archer NAV antenna and a Delta Pop COM antenna arriving next week to round this out. The Garmin GPS 175 is planned for the spring which will complete my IFR upgrade.

COVID-19 related bonus, today's package arrived (USPS/Canada Post) without any import charges or taxes, that saved me more than $120. Guess they want to avoid having people come in to the post office to pay.

Bill Boyd 11-21-2020 07:19 AM

Interesting, as I distinctly recall watching an MGL promo video years ago titled "What's In The Box."

Flying Canuck 11-21-2020 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by Bill Boyd (Post 1479238)
Interesting, as I distinctly recall watching an MGL promo video years ago titled "What's In The Box."

They do have a video called that, but it's for their iEFIS product. It does show the included items but there is nothing in there that you can use to infer what's with the products I bought.

I was also thrown by the fact that they sell a harness separately so I didn't expect to see much connector wise.

Ideally, the contents of the box should be included in the documentation. That's a pretty standard approach. Not a big deal, but it would make system planning a little easier.

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