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rv7boy 07-16-2018 03:06 PM

Pups need ride from Mississippi to Waupaca, Wisconsin
I saw this post today and thought if any RV pilot from near Jackson, Mississippi is going to Oshkosh in the next week, it would be a good opportunity to help these little guys out. Waupaca is about 40 miles north of Ripon, and many times the dog rescuers can arrange for ground transport to meet you at the airport of your choice even an hour or two away.

Also, a Chicago pilot, at 1C5, is willing to fly the last leg into Wisconsin. His name and contact information are provided in the above link. 1C5 is on the Southwest side of Chicago, at about the right location to take a pit stop before approaching RIPON.

Give it some thought, and contact me if I can help. It's a very satisfying feeling to give a dog a better home.

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