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RV-4 06-09-2019 08:16 PM

Garmin GTX 327 ISSUE
Hello All

Due to weather issue I flew my RV-4 for the first time this year only last week and while in contact with Center, I was told that they could no longer see my Transponder ( never happened before) and asked me to recycle which I did and everything came back normal after that..

Well I had the same issue 3 times so far and I'm wondering what might be the problem.

So far I removed the unit, clean the contacts with electric cleaner, made sure the unit was properly seated in the tray but it did it again today at the end of a flight..

I have an avionic fan installed so that should help with the heat( the radios are mounted in a center console which is fairly tight) and I was told that putting a few holes in the console's walls will help in dissipating the heat....

The TXPR display works as advertised showing the code,Pressure Alt and all..

So my question is: Is the problem heat related??

Could it be a bad coax or antenna ( Delta Pop Little shark fin )

If you had this problem before or have any idea, I will appreciate your feedbacks..



P.S: I will try to find another TXPR and try it to see if the problem is the TXPR or something else..

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