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N546RV 01-19-2021 07:37 PM

Kit shipping delays from the Mothership
Figured this would be of interest to everyone, and I don't see that there's been an official announcement here. I got this email this evening from the crew regarding my finish kit, which originally had a 1/11 crate date:


We regret to inform you that Covid-19 has hit our factory and is causing major delays.

Our crating team has been sent home due to an outbreak.

We are expecting delays of 2-4 weeks due to the fact that once they return they will have work to makeup new people to train.

We appreciate your understanding. Please know that we are working avidly to get your orders out, we just need a little more time.
I see also that quoted kit lead times have gone way up, 4-6 months for common slow-build kits:

I assume others are somewhat trying to time kit orders to jibe with progress, and some folks might be wanting to get head of the curve here.

No_0ne 01-19-2021 08:18 PM

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