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JDA_BTR 11-29-2020 02:34 PM

2m Mobile
Found this radio recently:

I like that it is controlled with a phone, can bluetooth to a receiver (like a GMA-245 I hope), and has no panel so it can be remote mounted. My RV-14 has coax running to a hole in the tail with no antenna, so if I install a 2m antenna there most of the work is already done.

Any thoughts? Any idea the best antenna to install for this? Ham 2m is 144-148 MHz, so could shorten up a com antenna to match this band.

I have two com radios in my plane, but this would work like my cell phone; bluetooth connect to the GMA-245 for audio in/out, and then get a small bluetooth PTT to key it - or wire a switch somewhere.

My idea before this came around was to take out my remote COM and use the wiring to it with a pigtail to a mobile 2m radio using the audio panel like a traditional radio.

flightlogic 11-29-2020 04:33 PM

It could work. A dual band antenna might make it more useful, since 440 mhz is included. Don't expect much in the way of contacts though. Simplex is rarely monitored now. Repeaters will only be in range a short time, at the speed an RV moves. You will spend most of your time re tuning.
Just the state of the hobby... after cell phones became ubiquitous. 73

JDA_BTR 11-29-2020 07:37 PM

Repeater range could be quite good. LOS distance is 1.1nm x square root of height of eye (USN math). On a periscope that was 4' of scope -> 2.2 nm. Not far huh.

But if the plane is at 6500', LOS to horizon is about 88 miles. Yes that is only 20 min, but it's 20 coming then 20 going. A lot of my flying is 100 mile circle of home, for a lot of it I could hit a repeater, and potentially make a phone call by patch. Add another 10 miles for a repeater antenna on a 100' stick.

Not to mention the popularity of flying over an obscure grid square and making a grid collector's day! What fun.....

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