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Vol88 08-21-2018 10:17 AM

Greeneville TN options
My wife and I are flying to Greeneville on Thursday afternoon for the weekend, and - surprise! - see that KGCY just closed for the next five months.

I'm leaning toward KMOR, but KTRI is about the same drive from Greeneville. Any thoughts on which to choose? I'm flying an Arrow and will purchase fuel, if that makes a difference. Rental car options are available for both airports.

As a prospective RV-10 builder, I suppose the tie-breaker is the airport where I'd be more likely to spot any RVs...

GregM 08-21-2018 12:04 PM

You might want to consider fuel prices in your decision. KMOR has the highest prices around. Although just a bit farther, KDKX In Knoxville has good fuel prices, rental cars, and cheap tiedown rates. Easy access to I-40 also. Have a great flight!

Brantel 08-21-2018 12:22 PM

KMOR is my home field.

Like Greg mentions, KMOR has the highest gas around unless your a tenant.

However it is just a short hop to much cheaper gas almost anywhere nearby. That is what I used to do before we got a fuel discount for renting a hangar.

We have 2 RV's on the field at KMOR. Several more are always around from other local public airports and private fields. No 10's yet but 2 in construction. (if you count my emp kit that is on a truck at the moment) Both are in neighboring towns.

Don't expect much from the FBO operations at KMOR. The basics and that's about it. The folks in there will help when asked.....

KTRI is a typical class D with regular airline service so be aware of the heavier traffic there. It is a bit further drive to KTRI vs KMOR to KGCY. Not a huge difference but some.

KDKX has at least one flying 10 and maybe more.

Vol88 08-21-2018 12:44 PM

KDKX is one of my favorite airports, so that's an easy alternative.

It would be great to find an airport a little closer to Greeneville. We're flying in about once a month, and I'm open to trying someplace new (for the next five months, anyway).

I appreciate your input. I'll ask my passenger how much a shorter ride is worth to her!

Vol88 08-30-2018 06:07 AM

Greeneville TN trip
We ended up flying into KDKX on Thursday. That?s still one of the nicest small airports around. And Thursday-Sunday cost a total of $10 in overnight fees. We parked next to a transient RV-10. But it departed before I could check it out.

Enterprise in downtown Knoxville picked us up and let us drop the car at KDKX when we were done with no drop charge.

On Sunday, we flew to KAVL. In spite of the AOPA complaints, Signature Flight was fine. We purchased fuel, so we paid only a $13 overnight fee and an airport infrastructure fee. They were really busy with the jet set, so I see why piston singles might not be their target market!

The flight back to KDPA on Monday was uneventful. But I sure wish I had that RV climb rate. With the density altitude what it was, the Arrow started at about 700 FPM and was wheezing by the time we got to 8000.

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