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petehowell 10-05-2020 08:20 PM

2350 Report
Flew down to Iowa yesterday to have lunch with a college buddy who is a doctor in Cedar Rapids. Had a great lunch on the tarmac discussing families, covid and the good old days(like 2019). On the way home, I flipped over 2350 hours while cruising over Northern Iowegia.....

Got home, dropped the oil, and here are the details:

Sump screen - 2 chunks of crushable carbon - only ran the safety wire thru my finger twice getting that sucker re-tied down.

Oil filter - Lots of little carbon chunks, little if any metal

Compressions - 78/78/78/76 Cold

Plugs have 50 hours and a nice tan color

Cheapo Borescope Valve pics:





Moxie supervised the entire operation.......

Robin8er 10-05-2020 09:01 PM

Congrats, looks like the engine and airplane are happy campers.

crabandy 10-05-2020 09:40 PM

More gas and less overhauls!

petehowell 10-05-2020 09:44 PM

Little dude!
Loved the pic of your little dude with the polished plane - he is getting big!!


Originally Posted by crabandy (Post 1467476)
More gas and less overhauls!

crabandy 10-06-2020 12:36 AM

Sigh,,,,,,,,the wife wonít let me take him out of Kindergarten for flying adventures Anymore......needless to say Iím more than a little bummed.

DanH 10-06-2020 04:13 AM


Originally Posted by petehowell (Post 1467454)
Moxie supervised the entire operation.......

It's a well known fact that no passenger has ever remained awake more than 20 minutes in Pete's RV-9. Closing the canopy apparently has the same effect as the sleep pods in the space opera movies. It reflects a high degree of confidence in his pilot skills, or maybe it's just carbon monoxide ;)

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