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bullojm1 05-12-2014 12:00 PM

Second Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's - June 14th
EAA Chapter 1384 is sponsoring the Second Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's at the Carroll County Regional Airport (KDMW - Westminster, MD) on Saturday, June 14th (Rain Date - Sunday, June 15th). The event will start at 1000 and go until 1400.

Food and Drinks will be available, along FUN FOR EVERYONE! The event was a great success last year (see thread, and we are expecting an even bigger turn out of RV's this year!

We are offering a discount for all attendees who preregister through Thursday, June 12th at 2359 at Events Website Attendees who preregister get a 20% discount off of food, and those members who attended last year AND preregister get a 50% food price discount!

Updated Information can be found at our Chapters Website.

Link to the Flyer here.

We hope to see a bunch of VAF'ers in attendance!

bullojm1 05-30-2014 08:03 AM

Just a little over two weeks until the 2nd Annual Gather of RV's at KDMW. We had 50 RV's last year, and we are expecting 100+ this year! Come on out and enjoy some great food EAA Chapter 1384 is preparing, and get to know the best type of people out there - Fellow RVer's!

Preregister and save some $$$ on food:

rzbill 05-30-2014 06:51 PM

On the calendar and crossing my fingers for better weather than last year.

bullojm1 05-31-2014 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by rzbill (Post 884329)
On the calendar and crossing my fingers for better weather than last year.

Bill - It will be great to have you back at KDMW!

plbarrett2004 06-07-2014 11:58 AM

One week until The Second Mid-Atlantic Gathering!

Please remember to pre-register in order to receive a discount on food and help us plan accordingly at

bullojm1 06-11-2014 01:57 PM

3 Days!
The Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's is in 3 days, and the weather appears to look like it it cooperating perfectly from the long-term forecasts. Get ready to see the most RV's in the East Coast in one spot and help our our local EAA chapter.

Please pre-register at


RJLEWISII 06-11-2014 07:34 PM

Not an RVer...yet!
I plan on attending in a Super Decathlon, if welcome. Very interested in the RV-8 and learning all about them. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
See you all Saturday,

bullojm1 06-12-2014 08:06 AM


I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. While we wish we could close the airport to all non-RV traffic, I suppose we can't stop you from coming in the Super Decathalon :)

To all others attenting and interested in attending -

Pre-registration closes at 23:59 EDT tonight. Please pre-register to save some $$$ on food and help our EAA Chapter best plan for this event.

The weather still looks fabulous for Saturday. We will update this thread late Friday or early Saturday with the official status of our fly-in.

RJLEWISII 06-12-2014 10:56 AM

Thanks Mike, maybe next year I'll be flying in, in an 8!

RVDan 06-12-2014 01:08 PM

Looks like I am getting home early from a trip and will be there.

plbarrett2004 06-13-2014 08:00 AM

Pre-registration is now closed, but anyone can still attend regardless of pre-registration! We do ask that you register upon arrival at the registration tent where we also have a few freebies for attendees.

Those that did pre-register can receive their food discount coupons at the registration tent.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow... so far the weather looks good!

plbarrett2004 06-14-2014 05:29 AM

Weather is good, so we're on schedule. Hope to see lots of RV's here today!:D

bullojm1 06-19-2014 12:38 PM

Thanks to all that showed up at the Second Annual Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's. The weather was absolutely perfect and we counted somewhere between 40-50 RV's show up.

Enjoy the following video Joe Czachorowski put together of the day, including interviews with pilots.

Don 03-25-2015 09:24 PM

3rd annual Mid Atlantic Gathering
Any plans in the works for a third annual gathering? I'd like to get it on my calendar before Wife makes other plans.

Infidel 03-26-2015 12:07 AM

I've been curious as well. About a week ago, I checked the EAA Chapters website/calendar and there is no mention of it happening. I thought about sending an email but from the looks of their Facebook page and calendar of events, it's been dormant for some time now.

plbarrett2004 05-17-2015 06:18 PM

We're not dormant! Maybe just a little slow this year around. We are planning to do a Third Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's on September 19th. We are hoping for clear sky and cool temps. More details will follow in June and July.


Infidel 05-17-2015 09:10 PM

Good to see!

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