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petehowell 03-25-2018 09:59 PM

Combo Platter
Got a message last week that there was sick pup in Indiana that needed a ride to Minne for some TLC and possible surgery. I told them I was swamped all week, but could do it on Sunday. Everything lined up, and I could have lunch with Mom in South Bend to boot!

Got out just after sunrise, tower said I got the coveted first customer of the day award!

Strange winds from the southeast down low, so I hatched a plan to go to 13,500 where they were less awful. Here is the Mississippi from way up there....

At 13,500 I don't worry about no stinkin' Bravo! Hi there, O'Hare!

The Windy City

Big Cold Lake!

Nice Lunch with Mom and got to meet a fellow VAF'er, Ethan Beswick, at the Niles, MI airport! Gassed up, and headed off to Valpo to pick up Zoey......

She is a sweet little thing with a bit of an underbite. We bonded......

Turned over 1950 on the Hobbs as the wheels touched down. I dropped the oil and headed home to see Andi and have dinner.

Good weather, lunch with mom, 5.5 in the RV, and helped a pup. Nice day, you betcha!!

seward747 03-25-2018 11:32 PM

Great mission and beautiful pic - especially overhead Chicago. Thanks for doing what you did and sharing with us.

Seattle area

Ebeswick 03-26-2018 10:08 AM


It was great to meet you. Thanks for posting your pictures and trip report. It looks like Zoey enjoyed the ride home!

Hope to catch you next time you?re in the area.

Blue skies,

AndyRV7 03-27-2018 08:18 AM

Excellent job!!

rv7boy 03-27-2018 11:53 AM

Thanks for the report! Excellent job...Mission Accomplished! Looks like Zoey was a happy passenger! I'm sure you made a difference in her life.

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