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Vlad 09-21-2012 09:27 PM

Around the Corner
Not as colorful as Gary's and not as scientific as Paul's, my short trip around Appallachian Corner was right on the money. A lot of fun was had.

A personal day coupled with two days off was enough time to visit cousin in VA, famous Triple Tree FlyIn in SC, a boat gathering in TN and new wannabe in KY.

Ride to VA was a bit longer then planned.

Atlantic City, now closed Bader field. My younger cousin works 6 miles from here at big place where they have fast giants killer jets and all kinds of radars. I sneaked unnoticed.

After Atlantic City weather gods were not in good mood. I stopped at Wildwood WWD, reassesed the situation, then trolled along and around the front staying far from Red Circle and Forbidden Squares.

In VA skies were nice and rosey. Don Alexander met me at Hanover Airport and we spent several hours flying around. Visited Louisa and Bob Martin, Shenandoah Valley and Blackstone Joint civilian/military base. Topped off the day at a cozy Mexican restaurant with Don and his lovely wife Mary.

Day was great and sleep was deep.

Vlad 09-21-2012 09:51 PM

Next morning crisp weather. Don dropped me off at the airport and up I went toward the Carolinas. Upper Carolina was clear but the Lower One brew something. It brew another big red circle around Charlotte and dense layer of condensation over Triple Tree.

Still OK for now.

Bridge to nowhere.

From here there was a lot of radio chatting.

Airplanes were stacked like pancakes over Triple Tree and pleaded for a pirep. Approach at Greer could not help much. TT Tower reported legal Class G day VFR, many people turned back. Somebody local landed and reported doable. I landed too.

There were not many airplanes on the grounds.

Food stands were not ready yet and I spent some time browsing around. Grass was wet and soil soaked. Bought a sandwich and sat at empty table watching an RV landing.

There were two other guys, one of them said; Hey you know it's not allowed here to eat alone. Come here. I am Bill and this is Pat.

That's how I know Bill the radio announcer and Pat the owner of Triple Tree Empire.

Vlad 09-21-2012 10:06 PM

Pat Hartness is amazing fellow. Invited me to his truck to tour the facility.

Old Air Force Tower they bought, transported here and totally restored to originality. There are some antennae Pat doesn't even know what they are for.

His hangar and his toys.

This is what his wife presented him after he turned big boy 70. What a wife!

He told me about his plans. The plans are of grandiose improvements. This beach project for kids.

Met several RVators they all know me from VAF. Became stereotypical - hi Vlad I read you on VAF!

Time to go. TN called and asked why so long?

Vlad 09-21-2012 10:33 PM

I go to TN in Sept every year. Previous year highlights are here. I planned to build a mahogany runabout but now I think of buying already built one. Several RV builders/pilots have constructed similar. Roberta being the most famous.

Usually I arrive, boaters track me via APRS, I do a pass over marina, then somebody picks me up at local airport which is couple miles away. This year the situation after landing was different and it developed quick. I passed over riders couple times on safe altitude and landed.

Landed, chocked, tied, covered, ready for pickup.

An SUV stops by the gate. An official looking lady gets out and with very serious look is walking toward me. Hello, I am Carrol from Chattanooga fisdow, can I see your pilot license and medical please? :eek: And she flashes an ID/business card with a pic and a blue something...

Sure I said my brains didn't work that fast for looong time. I didn't think of why, my thoughts were WHO I will be calling NOW to get legal counsel. Cousin? No, need somebody heavyweight in NY. Urgently.

Show lasted only several seconds a guy got of the SUV and it was Chris who taught his mother how to act to scare the Russian. Chris flies some serious corporate hardware and always ready to throw a joke on piston pilot. Well done Chris! :D

We all enjoyed the boat gathering. Most boaters reserved floating cabins, I shared a cabin on the land.

Next day were rides and more fun.

Tomorrow I go to Kentucky...

acroflyrgirl 09-21-2012 10:45 PM

Nice jaunt
Nice little jaunt around the corner. Your corner has quite a large radius.

Wingnut 09-22-2012 05:26 AM

Great stuff Vlad! I learned to fly at Hanover years ago. Although it is a totally different place now it still holds a special place in my heart. I'm glad you were able to hook up with Don and tour the old stomping grounds. You should pick up a Virginia Aviation Ambassador Passport and collect your stamps. You would have it filled in no time!

Vlad 09-23-2012 04:42 PM

Flight to Kentucky was short and ride smooth.

They have a lot of real estate there.

At Clark Regional Airport of Indiana I picked up a fellow RV9A builder Jeff.

Jeff just started his project, he is a former Boeinger and current truck racer. Overall cool fellow and fits right in RV9. He could fly it too without any servos he held altitude spot on and airspeed as requested. His recent PP checkride was probably a breeze for examiner. You need to speed up that project of yours Jeff.

With Jeff we flew to Rough River State Park there is an airport there.

There is nice little restaurant just across the parking.

It serves good food. Thank you Jeff for bringing me here.

Vlad 09-23-2012 05:02 PM

Jeff set me with discounted fuel through his connections and I left.

Flight back home was super duper easy. I have to install some extra goodies on the panel to troubleshoot something on longer legs :D It gets boring, especially if you are familiar with landscape.

Be warned if you fly directly over here

or here

you get caught and end up in one of those gulags they are close.

I am unpainted so it's really tough to see me if I stick in to the cloud bottom WW2 style.

Jokes aside I was at proper altitude and distance you never know who may read this :D

Wind mills are my favorites. Everywhere I go I look at them. I have to remember this place to check later.

A bit short of four hours I landed at my home base at Princeton, NJ. Around my row of hangars I found five (!) U-Haul trucks dropped by customers. One of them effectively blocked the entrance to my hangar. FBO came to rescue and placed my tired RV in communal hangar. Somehow I extracted my MINI from the hangar and two hours later was home. Keep pounding those rivets!

GLPalinkas 09-24-2012 12:01 AM

Great trip
As usual Vlad, another great write-up. You keep motivating those still building. Next trip South, give me a call (VAF white pages). I'm Ohio bound next week but I have to leave my RV in the hangar. I am hauling another toy North to play with while I'm gone (Harley Road King). Wish I could figure out how to haul a Harley with my -6 :D

tc1234c 09-24-2012 04:51 AM


Originally Posted by Vlad (Post 701653)
Be warned if you fly directly over here

Jokes aside I was at proper altitude and distance you never know who may read this :D

Just a few miles south of the A-plant in your picture there is a big Ohio facility where they transport bad Ohioans to haven. Two MOAs with a lot of F-16s butt against both and are quite active. Since A-plant is in cold shutdown you can over fly it above 2,500' MSL without worrying about going to the big house. The closed mountain top airport right under your flight path also has an interest facility around and under it.

Too bad that I am no longer there to show you around.

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