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Tony_T 10-18-2016 12:39 PM

Panel Upgrade
Started on a SV upgrade for my RV12 :eek:

No turning back now.

There are two ways to go on this, you can use the conversion harnesses or better but more expensive and time consuming is to pull all the old harnesses and install the latest. I am going the latter way.:D

If any of y'all with the D-180 panel have wished for more screen space, see my ad for the Dual Display kit over on the classifieds :)

pstraub 10-18-2016 02:02 PM

Best of luck with the upgrade Tony....with your attention to detail, it's going to be great. Have fun back in the tunnel :)

rgmwa 10-18-2016 04:08 PM

We're very lucky with the -12 that you can just order pre-made harnesses for this job. Doing a clean install is the way to go, although your sore back may not agree. Best of luck with it, Tony. Single or dual screens?

Tony_T 10-18-2016 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by rgmwa (Post 1119800)
We're very lucky with the -12 that you can just order pre-made harnesses for this job. Doing a clean install is the way to go, although your sore back may not agree. Best of luck with it, Tony. Single or dual screens?

Single screen for now. A dual set-up could be in the future, I enjoyed my dual D-100 set-up and may miss having that screen on the right side. I got some dual in the right seat and flew my 12 from the right seat a few times and that is almost like learning to fly all over again. Also the passenger or pilot on that side usually enjoys the ride more.

MartySantic 10-18-2016 06:46 PM

Very neat Tony. Please post your progress at all steps!!

BigJohn 10-19-2016 05:20 AM

Tony, are you going to maintain a detailed blog on the conversion? I sure would like to follow along. Looks like you are doing the job in your hangar. Not quite as convenient as the original build in the garage, for sure!

Tony_T 10-19-2016 03:31 PM

Well, I am not a detailed blogger guy, but I will keep this thread alive with updates, particularly where there are hidden rocks that I stumble onto :eek:.

I have been thinking about this conversion for some time. I like the new technology, most all my RV12 friends have SV, and the need to update in some manner for 2020, were factors. Then, lately, the Dynon rebate offer was a welcome plus.
My first moves were to review the plans in detail, particularly sections 42D for conversion harnesses, and 31B for new harnesses. To use new harnesses you have to do about half of section 42D to prepare the airframe. A bunch of new holes have to be made in the avionics shelf and firewall for mounting the new boxes. Then use section 31B for installing the new harnesses and all the misc connectors. I looked at each plan sheet in those two sections and made a list of parts needed and referenced them to the page number.
There were several things that could be done without actually taking the plane out of service this last summer. I wanted to fly during the good weather, but also was anxious to get some stuff done so the actual down time was minimized later.
The things that could be done ahead include:
Two new wire are needed in the wings out to the nav/strobes. One is so the nav function can be independent and the other is to sync the strobes.
This was problematic. The strings I left in the wings are really not useable. How to attach the string to the wires without a big knot or some kind that will not pass the little bushings? I decided that a better way was to use the existing wire as a pull wire to pull in three new wires. One to replace the pull wire and the other 2 wires needed. Then I stumbled on one of those hidden rocks. I found that the pull wire was not free. I had wire tied it to the ground wire out in the wing tip. On the left wing I managed to slip a piece of saftey wire in and hook the wire tie and dragged it out to where I could cut if off. Then on the right wing the same thing except there were TWO wire ties. I managed to get one off through the little hole and the other by accessing the wire after taking the landing light out.

Once I had the dumb wire ties off, I soldered the three new wires to the pull wire leaving about 3 inches between joints and make small solder connections that would pass through the bushings. Managed to step on the hidden rocks and not get wet.

In the tailcone:
Installed the ADSB IN antenna. Installed the ADAHRS brackets. Installed the ADAHRS stiffener. All easy stuff except for getting in the tailcone.

In the cockpit:
Installed the canopy safety switch which will be monitored by the SV. Installed the new canopy catch.

All fun if you like to tinker :D

Tony_T 10-19-2016 03:45 PM

Avionics kit picked up
Aurora airport is about a 3 1/2 hour drive on I-5 from my house; that's if traffic is good, which it never is. But by RV-12 it is a little over 1 hour and the scenery is gorgeous, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Hood all along the way. So it was a no-brainer to fly to Van's to pick up the avionics kit. So last week we flew on down there. Wife went along and everything got packed into the baggage compartment for the ride back.

Tony_T 10-21-2016 07:48 PM

Work day 2 after starting to uninstall the old avionics and harness and it's going well. All the avionics are out and most of it is sold.

Opened up the cockpit inspection covers and the baggage bulkhead and started removing harness starting at the very back. The only issue is getting a work area back there. The platform in the picture rests on the frames and is propped up on wood blocks a couple inches at the back end so as not to put a strain on the elevator cables.

It ain't real comfy but doable.

This allowed for drilling off the magnetometer brackets. Then started to pull the wires to be removed forward. The elevator trim cable remains and the static tube remains and so does the OAT cable.
It seems to be going well. I think another day will have all the old harnesses out of the ship and I will be ready to start prepping the avionics bay and putting in new harness.
One problem, anticipated actually, is that normally the antenna cables with the big BNC ends are put through the bushings first. I am replacing the com cable because the SL40 has a different end than the new radio and I didn't want to comeshee on a new connector. It looks like I will have to pull the static tube out to make room thru the snap bushing, or maybe if I spit the bushing there will be enough room. Also, the flaperon yoke and flap handle will need to come out to make room to work. The new ADSB IN antenna cable will go through it's own new bushings.

I am a little surprised that working on this with the fuselage on the wheels is not as bad as I anticipated. A shower and a cold one before dinner took the kinks right out of my back. But I am not looking forward to working up under the rudder pedals next time.

Tony_T 10-23-2016 07:46 PM

Work day 3, spent working up under the rudder pedals.

This was an area I was concerned about because I am removing and replacing the antenna cables and installing a new ADSB/in cable. The SL40 cable is not compatible with the new radio unless you adapt a new connector. The old cables go over the top of the rudder tubes and I was concerned that the connector would not clear with rudders installed. Actually you can unscrew the rudder bolts about 1/8 inch and the connectors will clear. So that became a non issue.
Otherwise the old harnesses removal is going about as expected.

I had to take time to make a DonFromTX tool to remove the old wing wire pins from the blue fuselage connector. I just ground down a stainless steel tweezers. The new Options Harness has the pins already installed on the wires.

The demolition phase is almost complete. Next time I hope to clean up some loose ends and maybe start drilling holes in the instrument shelf for all those new Dynon boxes. I'm stoked.

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