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deanflyer 09-21-2021 03:19 PM

Buying an RV9A kit

In the process of purchasing an RV9A standard build kit with a tip up canopy from another builder.

All inspections have been completed up to the fuselage.

I'm reasonably familiar with RVs and nearly bought an RV6 kit many years ago when they first came out. Work however got in the way.

What are the big things to look out for. As it has been signed off by the UK regulatory authority so far (Light Aircraft Association) I know the build quality will be okay.

How do you go about inventorying to make sure everything is still there from the kit?

The wings haven't been closed up yet so would like advice on autopilots. Will probably get this IFR certified so a 3 axis autopilot would be ideal.

Also what do I need to do to reregister the kit with Vans so we can eventually take advantage of the OEM Lycoming engine purchase etc.

Anything I need to think of? Thanks in advance.


deanflyer 10-05-2021 04:47 AM

Thanks for all the advice :)

Anyway, kit is purchased. Spoke to Vans found out that some items were deleted from the original kit on the request of the purchaser.

If anyone is after a Dynon D180 at a good price, let me know. Its surplus to requirements.

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