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Avoca1us 10-18-2020 03:38 AM

9A Poor Gear Fit
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I installed the main gear mounts and neither one sits flush with the side of the fuselage. The gap in the picture is almost 1/8". Anybody else see this?

scard 10-18-2020 06:39 AM

I suspect most of us have done some massaging at this point.

airguy 10-18-2020 07:06 AM

Yep, it's actually pretty common.

PilotjohnS 10-18-2020 08:38 AM

Just me
I must have angels looking over my shoulder because I did not have this issue. I am amazed that these parts, in general, fit so well after 4 years of bashing away with a rivet gun, smashing aluminum bits into rivets.

Vlad 10-18-2020 10:24 AM

I do remember I had to coax one due to a slight gap. Less then 1/8

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