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Capt Sandy 09-09-2020 01:33 PM

Bringing the Love (trek from SeaTac to Orcas and back again)
We’ve all missed out on so many things this year. One of big things I missed out on was my annual mother-daughter retreat with my youngest, which usually happens in late March or early April, around her birthday. Needless to say, no retreat this year. It looked like we weren’t going to get to spend time with her at all this summer....
“I really want to come see you on the boat this summer,” she said, “and go crab fishing with Roy.”
She could risk booking a flight on Alaska from Phoenix to Seattle, but then how could we get her the rest of the way here? The good thing about the San Juans is, it’s remote. The bad thing about traveling to the San Juans is, it’s remote.
Coincidence, our friend Sharkbait had Labor Day weekend free to come up for a visit. And he was willing to make a stop at SeaTac to fetch Sierra. And Sierra could get days off work at that time.
Roy can add the technical detail of flying in to that airspace- and Roy did the return trip from KORS back to SEATAC.
What I really want to say here, is how the RV grin is not just the performance of the plane - it is the warmth, kindness, and generosity of all the people we’ve met and become friends with since Roy brought 174RT into our lives. And in this case in particular, Thank You Sharkbait, for helping with the gift of spending time with our daughter. And.... so much Gratitude for my Darling Hubby for making it all possible by building this plane.

Disclaimer, Video contains non-aviation related scenes sandwiched between shots of flying to/from KORS:

pilottangocharlie 09-09-2020 09:29 PM

Excellent video of what looked to be a wonderful time.

I quickly found some of your other writings and have bookmarked it for more reading. Thank you for sharing.

Jim Frisbie 09-09-2020 09:34 PM

Up here too
capt Sandy
We are here too, visiting our son, daughter in law & 3 yr old grandson in Anacortes.
We flew up on Monday, just ahead of the conflagration now embracing W OR.
We are staying until we can fly home safely.
We feel almost guilty being here when so many of our friends are living under an orange sky.
Let’s keep in touch
Jim Frisbie

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