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coffeeguy 08-23-2021 08:30 PM

Firewall forward kit - changes?
I ordered my firewall forward kit last night and called today to confirm and discuss. They mentioned that most people delete stuff from the stock kit and not many people order the stock kit. I'm building per plans and I think a parking brake is my big deviation. I've got the exp119 engine ordered with dual pmags. Going to go Dynon HDS, but VFR.

Anything you would delete and/or buy separately?

Nair 09-12-2021 05:34 PM

Delations in FWF kit
Hi Coffeeguy,
I had to delete the spinner cone and related accessories from the standard FWF Van's kit after confirming with MT props what they are going to supply me along with my 74" CS 3 blade MT prop that I ordered.
Also I deleted the Odyssey Battery and the brackets in the kit since I needed Earth-X battery that has higher Cold Cranking Amps and lighter in weight.
I kept the Plane Power alternator but some builders delete it and go for B&C alternator for some reason.
I was thinking of improving the cooling by cancelling the 2006X Oil cooler from the kit and go with 2007 X oil cooler from Air flow systems since I might fly to warm countries if I get a chance. But put on hold due to lack of a few fitment info.
Some builders cancel the fuel filter, brake lines and go with enhanced hydraulic system. I didn't think that much of a change is needed at this point of time unless I find the supply from Vans is that poor in quality.
There goes the list based on what I learned in the last 8 months form the forum, Vans tech support, different builders and suppliers.
It all comes down to your preference, comfort level and the money you are ready to spend.
So you may have to get the FWF complete list first from Vans (I didn't get the full list though) and get in to the details and decide what you would like to have in your plane.
Hope this helps as a starting point.
I am still waiting for my Tail cone kit to arrive by the end of this month and so have only this much info. to share.
Good Luck and All the Best.
Sreekumar V Nair

azflyer21 09-13-2021 04:12 PM

Unless you have an engine start fairly soon, I would delete the battery. Mine sat for a long time in a hot hangar in AZ until I needed it, it lasted a couple months.

coffeeguy 09-13-2021 07:38 PM

I ordered my fwf kit a few weeks ago and deleted the hoses as I'm going to use aircraft specialty flightlines.

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