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avrojockey 03-07-2020 01:40 PM

Trouble Removing FAB
Changed out K&N filter and the FAB does not come off easily. There's no clearance between the FAB and the nose gear leg to allow the FAB to slip over the bottom filter plate. There is evidence that this has been an issue for awhile, including the old filter element having damaged reinforcement screen.

I was able to muscle it on there but I also slightly damaged the reinforcement screen on the new filter.

I tried raising the nose wheel of the ground to see if that gave me additional clearance but there was very little...if any extra.

Anyone else have this issue? Any recommendations?

RV-9A O-320-E2D

noelf 03-07-2020 01:48 PM

Yes. I needed to cut out an area of the fiberglass FAB and glass in a notch on the backside of the FAB to clear the nosewheel strut for easier removal / installation.

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