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g3xpert 03-25-2014 04:57 AM

New (3-25-2014) Garmin G3X Products
GDU 460/465 10.6? Touch Screen Displays

We are very pleased to announce G3X Touch and some great new display options. The GDU 460 and GDU 465 displays are state-of-the-art 10.6? diagonal, 1280 x 768 pixel, high performance, infrared touch screen displays designed from the ground up to be the highest quality, best performing, and easiest to use displays in the industry. Link to G3X Touch video.

The GDU 465 display includes a built-in SiriusXM weather and radio receiver (just add external antenna), similar to the present GDU 375 display. Both the GDU 460 (without SXM receiver) and the GDU 465 come standard with a rear mounted BNC connector to support composite video input capability.

The Garmin VIRB action camera or other compatible video cameras can be connected and the video image can be viewed in a PFD inset window, on a split screen panel, or on the full width of a dedicated MFD.

While we are proud of the user interface on the GDU 370/375 displays, we knew we wanted to significantly change the user interface and optimize for a touch screen, while retaining support for dedicated knobs and buttons where it made sense and where it improves efficiency for the user. For example, in the above image the left dual concentric knobs are dedicated to changing Heading and Altitude even though there is full touch screen support to touch those fields and use the touch screen keypad to edit. Similarly, the Direct To and NRST buttons were retained for user convenience.

While capacitive touch is an excellent user interface for touch screens, we chose a multi-touch (with pinch zoom) infrared touch screen design for a couple of reasons. First, the infrared touch screen can be used even when wearing gloves, and secondly, this design requires no sensing element be incorporated into the LCD assembly which might in any way reduce image quality. Infrared IR touch screen technology is also utilized in Garmin?s GTC 570 touch screen controller which has been used for several years in G2000/3000/5000 equipped aircraft.

We used the same 50 pin connector on the back of the GDU 46X displays that is used on the GDU 37X displays. You can actually unplug a GDU 37X display, plug in a GDU 46X display, turn on the power, configure the display, and it will begin operating with the existing G3X system ADAHRS, engine interface, autopilot servos, and other components.

The GDU 46X displays are also equipped with a wireless interface that we are using to control the Garmin VIRB action camera to start and stop the video and take pictures. You can install a VIRB camera inside your aircraft pointing to the side at your wingman, see the image on your G3X Touch display, and start/stop video recording and take pictures using the video touch control panel on the GDU 46X.

This image shows the "Photo Taken" message that pops up after you touch the "take a picture" button on the right. You can take a picture that is stored to the camera SD card at any time, even when recording a video. During video recording, a record time indication is presented in the camera control area.

GTR 20 Remote 10W COM Radio

We are also pleased to announce the availability of the GTR 20 remote COM radio to be used with G3X Touch systems. The GTR 20 was co-developed with the GTR 200 and has the same specifications (but weighs only 1.2 lbs). The GTR 20 offers pilots an ideal solution for a clear, powerful communication radio and intercom, which is controlled from the G3X Touch display. The 10-watt radio provides advanced features such as 3D audio, 2 place stereo intercom, stereo music input, alert inputs, and standby frequency monitoring. Frequency identification is available on the display of G3X Touch so identifiers such as, ?KOSH ATIS? are displayed as the pilot tunes the frequency. The combination of the remote COM radio and transponder provide pilots the option to fly VFR with everything they need controlled right from the display thus saving panel space.

Using the radio and stereo intercom from the touch displays is so easy and intuitive you may soon wonder how you ever tuned a radio without a touch screen. In this example, the user touched the STBY radio frequency area at the top of the display to bring up the touch tune panel similar to how this is done on a GTN 750. You can tune the frequency directly using either the buttons on the touch screen or the dual concentric tuning knobs in the lower right.

An even better method is to press the FIND button and be presented with frequency choices for Recent frequencies, NRST airports, Flight Plan airports, and User pre-defined frequencies so you just touch and tune. Loading frequencies for your departure or destination airport has never been easier. Of course the frequency identifiers are transferred and displayed in the active and standby windows.

Good news if you already own a GTR 200 radio. We haven?t mentioned this until now, but every GTR 200 ever built is equipped with the same CAN bus interface (pins 6,7) as a GTR 20 that allows it to easily be added to the high speed avionics bus on a G3X Touch system and be touch tuned from the GDU 460/465. Your choice, use the controls on the GTR 200 and/or touch tune it from the display. You can even mix GTR 200 and GTR 20 radios in the same system if you like. If you want a second COM and don?t have the panel space ? remote mount it.

Dual COM Radio Example


--- Continued in next post ---

g3xpert 03-25-2014 04:58 AM

New (3-25-2014) Garmin G3X Products (continued)
G3X Touch RV-12

Of particular interest to RV owners is the co-announcement that Van?s Aircraft will be offering both single and dual display G3X Touch systems for the RV-12. Please refer to the Van?s Aircraft press announcement for availability information.

The autopilot option for this system includes GSA 28 pitch and roll servos and a GMC 305 autopilot control panel. The pitch servo in this installation also provides auto-trim support for the pitch trim motor which is a very nice feature. Any time you disengage the autopilot, the aircraft is always in perfect trim which makes a great airplane even better and more fun to fly.

As shown in this image, the GDU 460/465 10.6? displays take up pretty much all available space and the result is pretty impressive! Although these displays are quite sizeable, their power requirements are modest enough that the RV-12?s electrical system can support a dual-display installation.

The GTR 200 10W COM radio and stereo intercom and GTX 23ES remote mount 1090ES transponder are also touch controllable through the displays.

Touch screen intercom control

Autopilot Control Panel

As mentioned in our press release, we are also proud to welcome five light sport aircraft manufacturers with a total of thirteen aircraft that have chosen this best-in-class new system for their aircraft.

New Backup Battery

We also want to mention that the great people at TCW Technologies have developed another fine battery backup option.

The brand new TCW IBBS-12v-3ah battery backup system uses a sealed Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (Li-Fe-PO4) battery and is being introduced with a list price of $230. The 3AH system weighs 1.1 lb and the aluminum enclosure is only 7.7" x 2.3" x 1.6", yet it delivers 5 amps maximum continuous current and 10 amps peak for radio transmissions and transient loads.

It has both an alert output that we use to trigger an "EMER BATTERY" alert on the PFD anytime the system is running from the backup battery and it has a battery voltage output that can be used for a full time readout of essential bus voltage on the EIS page. We installed one of these in the G3X Touch RV-12, and are pleased with the result. It is our understanding that Van's will include this system with all G3X Touch RV-12 systems.

New Lower Database Pricing

The new G3X Touch displays support all the charting, SafeTaxi, Airport Directory, and other databases common to G3X, but also add support for geo-referenced VFR Sectionals and IFR Hi/Lo charts.

The new U.S. Lite bundle adds VFR sectionals and IFR Hi/Lo charts used by the GDU 46X displays and will sell for only $149.99/yr. Reductions will also be made to the U.S. Mini (now $49.99/yr, Americas (with Jeppesen Nav Data now $399.99/yr), and Europe Lite (with Jeppesen NavData now $349.99/yr) database bundles.

Great G3X Touch System Pricing

A well-equipped, single display G3X Touch system, which includes synthetic vision, video input, a built-in WAAS GPS receiver, ADAHRS, magnetometer and OAT probe starts at $5,499 and G3X Touch with engine interface starts at $6,099. It actually costs about $400 less to buy a single display G3X Touch system than an existing dual display G3X system.

The GTR 20 remote COM radio is currently available for a MAP price of $995 and the GI 260 will be available for $249.

For those wishing to upgrade an existing G3X system to G3X Touch, the GDU 460 display will sell for a MAP price of $4,300. The GDU 465 display with SXM receiver built-in is $4,900. Keep in mind that this pricing includes mapping, Vertical Power support, and a built-in WAAS GPS that will cost you nearly $1,000 extra on some other systems.

At the present time, the new GDU 460/465 displays are not able to share a G3X system with a GDU 370/375 display due to significantly different programming, so those considering changing to the new displays should keep this in mind. As mentioned above, everything else behind the panel is compatible with the new displays.

We plan to finish up our system testing and begin shipping G3X Touch systems in April. We already have GTR 20 radios and some GDU 460/465 displays in stock.

Come see us at Sun-N-Fun. We have several G3X Touch systems to demonstrate and will be giving a seminar every day to answer your questions. Several Garmin dealers will also be showing G3X Touch and we believe the new RV-12, among other LSA/OEM aircraft will also be there featuring G3X Touch.


JumpNurse 03-25-2014 05:44 AM

What is the price structure? Very intriguing by the way

SmilingJack 03-25-2014 05:46 AM

You guys didn't even think about "raising the bar"!

You launched it into Space!!! :D

Very nice job XTeam.

zilik 03-25-2014 06:10 AM

Sweet! I knew my life as a professional procrastinator would someday pay off. Now I just have to get off the couch and order a couple.

868RM 03-25-2014 06:22 AM

Steve, I could not find the overall size of the screens (outside of frame). Could you post some dimensions ? Thanks Ron

dweyant 03-25-2014 06:24 AM

Wow, can't wait to check this out next week at Sun-n-Fun!

I want to do an IFR panel. How will this integrate with one of the Garmin IFR GPS's?


g3xpert 03-25-2014 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by dweyant (Post 865188)
Wow, can't wait to check this out next week at Sun-n-Fun!

I want to do an IFR panel. How will this integrate with one of the Garmin IFR GPS's?


Hello Ron,

The GDU 460/465 display outside dimensions are 10.85" wide x 7.82" high.

Hello Dan,

Integration with Garmin IFR navigators is just as complete as it has always been with G3X. Flight plans and procedures entered on the IFR navigator are accurately rendered on the moving map, and now the sectional display.

Those choosing to use the GTN series of touch screen navigators will notice a lot of similarity in the user interface.

Let us know if you have additional questions.


DeltaFox 03-25-2014 06:52 AM

G3X Touch
Team X - you all knocked it out of the park! Can't wait to see it next week at SNF. I'm about to starting buying for my panel, and you're at the top of the list. Looks awesome.


dweyant 03-25-2014 07:00 AM


Will they drive the COMM/NAV on the GTN series as well? I.e. similar to the 200?

Also, how does pricing of a dual screen compare to the three screen G3X?


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