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GLPalinkas 03-23-2012 09:27 PM

Team RV Night Show KPGD
Hi gang, just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on a MUST see show if you are in the South Florida area in the next few days. I was lucky enough to attend the Team RV Night Show (Their First Ever) at the Punta Gorda Airport - KPGD on Friday night during the VIP/Sponsor Show.


I am including a link to a very poorly done iPhone 3gs teaser video on Youtube. The show starts at sunset (7:41 tonight). You would think I would have remembered to bring a decent video camera. The video looks a lot lighter out than it actually was.

If you are able to attend the show, DO NOT stop watching when they first start landing part of the team. I don't want to steal their thunder but what they finish with is AWESOME.

Ticket info here:

Disclaimer, I am in no way attached to Team RV or the Florida Air Show. I am just a rabid RV'er who appreciated the teams performance.

pierre smith 03-24-2012 05:14 AM

...They never disapoint!


RV8iator 03-24-2012 06:17 AM

Thanks Guys
For those comments.

We debuted our twilight show here at Punta Gorda and it was well received. we were fortunate enough to be able to race Jerry McCart in his jet powered Willis. The wall of fire was an added bonus. With his afterburner and that wall it was loud, hot and bright in my cockpit. I couldn't believe the amount of heat I felt off my left wing! As a bonus for us the Blue Angel pilots were watching.

We love to get feed back from our peers and greatly appreciate you kind words. Those are what make it all worth while.

Please look us up if you're at a show. We really enjoy talking RV's.

Adam 03-24-2012 08:58 PM

I was there in the VIP tent watching Team RV, WOW, what a great show! These guys should be first billing. I met a few of you guys in the tent after the show and it was fun talking to you. You guys are bringing respect to the experimental world and even more credibility to the RV! Great job guys!! :):)

E. D. Eliot 03-24-2012 11:50 PM

Very nice &
I think that this may explain the mysterious 'Phoenix Lights' of a few years ago!!! Ha Ha Ha

GLPalinkas 03-25-2012 02:51 AM

Local Paper Link to Photos
Here is a link to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, covering the Florida International Air Show in Punta Gorda, Fl.

Photos of Team RV are included with the Blue Angels and other air show performers.

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