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R.P.Ping 09-12-2005 05:36 PM

Whoo Hoo!

RV-9 N869RV S/N, 90869 flew for the first time on September 12th, 2005.
First flight was uneventful. I held the nose below the horizon on take off to keep the temps down and per the recommendation in the book. When I looked down everything on the ground seemed very small for just after take off. I checked the VSI and was climbing out at 1100 ft/min!! On landing I almost made the first turn off. I can't wait to Zen with this plane!
Build time, less waiting for the wing kit to arrive, was 19 months for a
"slow build". Thanks to my main bucker and cheerleader Doug Peterson
of RV -6 & 10 fame, all the friends who ran over after a phone call to buck a few and mostly to my wife, who without her buy in and total support I never could have tackled a job this demanding. What will I do in the evenings now.............-8?

txaviator 09-12-2005 10:39 PM

Hey Roger..........
From one Honeywell employee to another.....and from one RV-9 builder to another.....


That is AWESOME! I am excited for you and your maiden voyage! And the best part? We have yet another -9 (no A attached) in the air!

S-W-E-E-T ! Fly off those hours, and I'll need to schedule myself an 'official' Honeywell trip out to Arizona!


paulojess 09-13-2005 10:22 AM

WOW!! Talk about motivation..... I live in Peoria, AZ and work at Honeywell and building a 9a (fuselage)..

N941WR 09-13-2005 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by txaviator
...from one one RV-9 builder to another.....



That is great news! Want to come by my place and help me finish up my -9? The FWF kit came Friday and the finishing kit comes in another week or two so I'll have every thing you will need.

alpinelakespilot2000 09-13-2005 11:43 AM

Congrats Roger! Your plane looks great! Hope mine looks just like that in 1-1.5 years!

txaviator 09-13-2005 03:24 PM

You also work for Honeywell? And are also building a -9? Incredible coincidence! Hey, Roger gave me some great contact info (internal Honeywell numbers) where as employees, we can get some smokin' good deals on Honeywell (Bendix King) avionics by utilizing our employee discount! Would you like for me to PM you the info?

What division do you work in? I am HSCE (Honeywell Security & Custom Electronics).

Take care,

R.P.Ping 09-13-2005 08:51 PM

Thank you all
Thanks to all for the congratulations!
I flew twice today. Once more over the top of the airport for 30 minutes and the second flight was out to the practice area for an hour. Total time 2 hours and all is running well. What a rocket in the climb out! Tower told me to keep the climb going and turn North over the north runway and the Seneca on the down wind. I've never been able to do that before! I'm telling ya... KEEP POUNDING THE RIVETS IT'S WORTH IT! :)

vlittle 11-24-2005 08:38 AM


RV-9A 90577, stationed at CZBB (Boundary Bay BC)
Vern Little

dmaher 11-26-2005 04:46 PM

Vern Congratulations! I was at your presentation in Langley...very much appreciated your insights. How does it feel to have the coolest plane at Boundary Bay?


petehowell 11-26-2005 11:06 PM

Looks Great

She looks great. Can't wait to join you in the sky!


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