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03-14-2012, 08:44 AM
I saw this over on the EAA forums thought maybe VAF could help:

Dog rescue pilots wanted

There was a huge bust of a fighting ring of dogs in Cleveland, and EAA Chapter 1252 is trying to help save 2 of the dogs by getting them moved to a welcoming rescue in Austin, TX. The rescue coordinator - Julie - has put in her request to Pilots and Paws and to Animal Rescue Flights, but so far there don't appear to be many pilots on the middle-of-the-country leg.

We need a few good pilots to cover the middle of the country. (it's tax deductible)

Here is what we have so far:

This thing is shaping up now for 3/25. Please feel free to forward to other pilots you may know in the areas where we still have TBD.

Leg #1: CLE to Cincinnati area (~200nm) - Eric (me)

Leg #2/3: Cincinnati area to Memphis - (maybe two legs here, about 350nm direct).

-- Cincinnati to Nashville (~200nm) - TBD

-- Nashville to Memphis (~171nm) - TBD

*Eric can stretch and do CLE to Louisville if someone else can stretch and then do Louisville to Memphis (~278nm)

Leg #3: Memphis to Texarkana (~225nm) - Mark

Leg #4: Texarkana to Houston (~231nm) - TBD.

Paul Koziol

Membership Coordinator
EAA Chapter 1252

Cleveland Wing CAF