View Full Version : After 375 hours of flying, N32WW gets its wings

11-14-2010, 01:23 AM
2nd set of wings that is.........................Angel Flight Wings

Well, here I was sitting in church the other day and somehow the minister managed to get a message into my thick skull........GIVE BACK.

Hmmmm, give back. How can I give back........Then the next day, the post hypnotic suggestion took hold and the words ANGEL FLIGHT popped into my head. A little internet search and Angel Flight Soars out of Atlanta covers Mississippi. Made a call and found out they do allow the use of experimentals. Besides the usual expected things required of all pilots, they require the compassionate flight to be an IFR flight. Hence, you know the plane must be IFR equiped and certified, as well as the pilot must be rated and current.

Long story short, it was a perfect day today. To start I had to take a short jump over the Jackson International and pick up a nice lady by the name of Brenda. From there a little jump over to Anniston, AL. WX was severe clear on the way there with a few puffies scattered about. Cruising along between 170 and 180 knots as a little tail wind showed up at 9,000. I handed her off to another pilot for the next leg going to Greenville, SC.

Bottom line, you too can give back. I can't answer for the other Angel Flight groups but for those that are in area that Angel Flight Soars out of PDK in Atlanta covers, and you're IFR rated and current, you plane is IFR equiped and certified, call Bernadette Darnell at 770-452-7958.

pierre smith
11-14-2010, 05:33 AM
....You and your RV can very easily "give back".

I took my Methodist pastor down to the coast on Thursday for an early Christmas present...a flight in Liberty Belle....the restored WW II B-17....and got hugged by him in front of scores of onlookers. What a humbling way to celebrate Veterans' Day.

We often take my farmer/customers down to Jekyll for brunch at the classy Jekyll Island Club and they all come away incredibly satisfied. Our -10 at work.:)