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05-22-2010, 07:14 PM
We recently had our first dog rescue mission experience and it could not have been any better. We flew two Chihuahua?s to Rolla National Missouri KVIH . We received an email from Sheila, stating that two Chihuahua?s desperately needed a lift. We answered the call for the first leg to fly them to Missouri. We introduced ourselves to our new pooch friends and off we went. We took off from 52F around 10am and flew nonstop to Rolla National. It was a bit bumpy for the pooches, so we flew at 7500 feet to accommodate a smoother ride. It was a bit rough on approach to Rolla, but they were real troopers! We met Charlene and her co-pilot upon landing at Rolla. They were really nice folks! We took some time to let the pups acclimate to their new pilot(s), stretch their legs, and have a light snack. Once we felt they were feeling okay about the transition we headed home. The flight back was smooth at 6500 feet, though both legs of the journey were through haze. The little female Chihuahua came complete with a dress and a prance to match. The little male was no bigger than 3 lbs and charmed us both. They did really well on the trip and we were sorry to see them go. We look forward to the next experience.

http://lh3.ggpht.com/_4Z_CncVWCT8/S_h5c9KDRHI/AAAAAAAAAQc/ijn3viC5ymA/s720/Walt%2C%20Jo%20and%20rescue%20pups%20APril%2011%20 2010.jpg




05-22-2010, 11:06 PM
Great work Walt - hope you have many more!!