View Full Version : Lawyers for Warriors flyin ideas needed

04-28-2010, 04:52 PM
Recently some of us Florida RV guys were discussing having a fly in to raise funds for Lawyers for Warriors a 501.C3 charity that provides pro bono lawyers for troops deployed to hostile fire zones.

We were exchanging ideas of what activities to include at the fly in. I like the idea of golf, which includes dropping a golf ball onto a grass field where a golf cup and pin are located....the ball closest to the pin is the winner. Flour bombs is a tried and true activity. Unfortunately neither of these work well with RV's because it would be hard to drop anything from a low wing aircraft without an opening window.

Spot landings would be possible, although a bit boring. We are open for suggestions as to how to have a fun time, safely, and raise money for an excellent cause. We would be happy to hear any suggestions.

If any listers are currently deployed to a hostile fire zone and have a legal issue arise back home, you and your colleagues should know about www.lawyersforwarriors.org