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02-10-2010, 05:38 PM
Posted for a friend (Sharon)...



From: Colette Kolbmann
Thanks so much Sharon! She is going to be put to sleep on Tues. the volunteers love her and are heartbroken!!! They have tried everything. They said she doesnt get along with other animal but she came from a home with a child who had dwarfism so she is good with kids. She is only 41/2 years old. The volunteers name is Michelle and her numer is 410-749-0069.
Gretchen is a 4 year old Bloodhound mix that was turned into the shelter after the owner lost his home. We have a 3 page letter on file, written by the owner who describes every aspect of her temperment. She is depicted as a gentle giant and nothing short of a loving, people pleasing dog. Unfortunately, we have not had much luck in placing her in the right situation. Even though she had lived with another small dog as a puppy, we soon found out she does NOT get along with other dogs at all. So because of that, she was returned twice. She was then adopted out a third time to a home with no other animals. She was only there a couple of days and the new female owner gave her a command to get her paws off the counter and Gretchen growled and stepped forward. The family was afraid and brought her back. Well, 3 stikes and you're out :-( All the volunteers LOVE Gretchen and will do just about anything to save her, including transporting her to another state. She will be PTS feb 16th if the right situation is not found. She needs to either go to a Bloodhound rescue or to a VERY experienced dog owner, preferably male. Gretchen is a 100lb dog and even though she has NEVER bitten a person, we need to be very careful placing her after our last 3 failed attempts. We have contacted several bloodhound rescue groups with no luck in them returning calls or offering to take her. Gretchen is beautiful dog that deserves another chance. PLEASE CALL Michelle at 410-749-0069.

02-14-2010, 08:19 AM
From Sharon:

"WE SAVED GRETCHEN!!!! A local Lab rescue is going to take her once we get her to PA - still working that part out! THANK YOU to everyone who posted and cross-posted and told a friend and made a call - it all means the world to me!!!!!!!!"

Thanks Folks!