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11-29-2009, 02:15 PM
I suppose this is RV related.

I used my RV6 for a dog transport today. There was a Mom Border Collie with three pups that was going to be put down. A family in West Virgina agreed to take them in. I picked them up at the Bardstown airport and transported them to Frankfort, KY where another pilot took them to Ohio where they would board their final flight to West Virginia. My part wasn't a very long flight but it still felt good to help out. Another excuse I mean reason to go flying!

Just a feel good flight!



11-29-2009, 04:32 PM
you are doing a great service- - helping out the helpless. it is insane that we intentionally kill millions of animals each year in this country. I strongly encourage all rv pilots to consider signing up for a PnP mission. 501c3. often, the animals are pulled from a kill 'shelter', sometimes with days or hours to spare, and sent to foster homes or if lucky, forever homes. these types of missions are but one reason general aviation is critical to the nation. well done!

related- - we are trying to get a cane corso from charlotte to texas this weekend. volunteers?

jorgebush at bellsouth dot net

11-29-2009, 05:18 PM
Ya gotta like helping the pups. You are are great ambassador for GA and the RV world!

11-29-2009, 06:16 PM
Fantastic! Love the 2nd pic of Momma dog looking up at you through the crate... what a cute, sweet looking critter.

Yep, I'm a big softy when it comes to dogs, I just love 'em. My wife and I are Weimaraner fans and have two of them from Weim Rescue of N Texas. It's a good feeling to be able to rescue these two and give 'em a good home.

Has anyone done a doggie ferry in an -8? I know the rear seat cushions and stick would have to come out, but wonder how big a crate might fit back there. Also, after seeing Pete's pics of them curled up all comfy in the seat next to him I'd worry a bit about them being out of reach and lonely in the back...

11-29-2009, 09:36 PM
Beats just flying for a burger......

Ditto the ?? on crates and the -8

11-29-2009, 09:37 PM
You see the dog muffs here and there. How well or poorly do they handle the noise?

Jerry Carter
11-30-2009, 07:53 AM
Good job, Mike. What is the size of that cage? It looks like it would have been a tight fit getting it in the baggage compartment. Did you have to take one of the seats out to get it back there?

I used the Petco 300 plastic carrier on my transport. It measures 24"X14.5"X12" and it does require removal of a seat to get it in there.

11-30-2009, 08:22 AM

The carrier I used was an 18x24 collapsable. I could not get it in the back of the RV6 when folded out but when collapsed it was only about 4 inches thick. I then placed it in the back baggage area and unfolded it. Both ends collapse to the inside of the cage and then the sides fold over on itself. It actually worked out pretty good. I put the door side of the cage on the passenge side and then we just leaned the seat up and the dogs could sort of just walk into the cage.


11-30-2009, 08:58 AM
You see the dog muffs here and there. How well or poorly do they handle the noise?

I'm curious about the noise as well. I'd like to take my cat with me sometimes but am not sure how well they can handle the noise on long flights. Any info on that would be greatly appreciated.

This is a great story. I have a Cessna 140 to offer for this until my -8 is done if anyone needs help transporting animals (dogs, cats etc. not cattle :)) in the Santa Fe, NM area.

11-30-2009, 09:22 AM
My RV is fairly loud but even at that the dogs did not seem to mind. I don't think it would be good to expose them over and over but a few hours of noise beats the alternative! The pups even went to sleep.

Check out the web site and maybe even sign up. They will contact you if they need assistance in or around your area. Look at the US map on their site and you will be surprised at the number of pilots available nationwide.


Flying Scotsman
11-30-2009, 02:38 PM
There are soft-sided collapsible ones, as well...things like this:


11-30-2009, 03:22 PM
If you're concerned about sensitive dog ears...


12-10-2009, 05:02 PM
You know my constant harping that if you're doing a good deed or something interesting with aviation, let the local media know.

I guess that goes for the national media too (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/12/10/eveningnews/main5964221.shtml).

12-10-2009, 06:21 PM
With regard to the crate. Go to petsmart and get a 26" X18" plastic tub crate. It comes in 2 pieces and fits into the back of of a six without removing the seat. Then bring lots of towels and a plastic bag to put the wet towels in after your flight. This crate will hold a dog up to about 60 lbs.

John Morgan

12-10-2009, 09:20 PM
I finished the Cane Corso flight James mentioned on here early in this thread.

While there were weather hassles seemingly without end, I have to say it was all worthwhile as the dog in question was a very loving, affectionate and overall an incredibly well behaved dog.

I used a nylon collapsible tent type crate that James supplied. Worked fine and fit in the back without difficulty. Stick removal is mandatory. I built a little wooden box to cover the stick attachment apparatus to prevent fouling---took about 30 minutes using UHS--ubiquitous hangar scrap.

Good cross country exercise for the plane and good deed for a great dog.

If only people were so well behaved.........................

12-12-2009, 10:41 AM
For another data point, we used to take our Terrier-Poodle cross with us in the Cessna 190 (radial engine) when we flew... All over the place. She just curled up under the back seat when we took off, and then came out again as we were descending to land. This was before anyone was selling "doggy-muffs" or anything like that. She lived to a ripe old age, and only seemed to lose her hearing when she was quite old and not long before she had to be put down anyway (kidney problems, if I recall).

Ron Lee
12-12-2009, 12:45 PM
There was a spot on this on CBS evening news (Katie Couric) this past week.