View Full Version : Tru Trak Auto trim module

09-07-2009, 06:51 PM
The Evo Rocket has a near laminar flow wing and the Center of Pressure moves around quite a bit with speed and pitch changes resulting in lots of trim adjustments on the Digiflight II A/P so I decided to spring for the Auto Trim Module....

It is too damned expensive for what it is, but it works wonderfully.... I can take off, rotate, and point at the sky and couple up the A/P and it will grab the airplane and go....

I have captured altitudes in 1500 fpm climbs and it does it just fine. On a WAAS approach joining the final approach course in brick like descent can cause some minor pitch oscillations, but i am talking about really radical joinups. Anything reasonable it handles flawlessly hands off.

It makes a great autopilot magnificent!!! It might not be needed in the hershey bar wing airplanes, but it is a great addition to the EVO Rocket!

Doug Rozendaal