View Full Version : AP Roll Servo (Dynon) install in the floor of an RV-6 (pix)

11-20-2008, 08:33 PM
Last week there were a few threads in which in-floor mounting of the AP roll servo was discussed (Pierre's thread was one, Rivethead's was another...though I think you went to the wing for your 7...and Al asked about it in one of Bill R's theads). I mentioned in a couple that I'd post pix when I had the install complete. Rather than go back and post this in each, figured I'd just make a separate thread.

The roll servo install was pretty straight forward (and caveat here, kind of a rookie here, and my first AP install, so don't take it as gospel, just a data point!).

Here's a pic of the entire assembly installed:


I did have to grind the servo mounting bracket on the left side a bit to clear the wires coming in from the wing root, so I could slide the servo and bracket back far enough to ensure the servo arm-to-rod bolt didn't contact the aileron push tube at full forward/full left stick (recommend you do check that clearance when you decide on the fore/aft position of the bracket...I checked it by assembling everything, including attaching the push tube on both ends, then moving the servo and bracket aft till it cleared).

I also found that I had to slighty enlarge (more grinding) part of the outer rib lightening hole (at the left side of that far left bay), as at full right stick deflection, the servo arm contacted that lightening hole at the hole's 7 o'clock position (looking at it from the cockpit towards the left wing). I just made a smooth arc of an enlargement, and the servo arms clears it well.

I found the install guide very helpful, and the drawings in the guide are very good. It does show the servo in the rightmost bay, but Dynon told me right or left is OK, and I had my wires to the panel pre-run on the left, so that's where I put it.

Here are a couple closer pix of the servo and the other end of the rod, where it attaches to the bottom of the stick. In case anyone wonders, the "gray matter" on the floor of bay is sound-deadening paint that I rolled in a while ago while working on the panel...I was a bit messier with it than I realized...tisk, tisk! :)



Hope this helps those geting ready to do the same thing!

And Dan (guccidude1), thanks for the assist...even though I was hard-headed with my myriad questions a couple times! :)


pierre smith
11-21-2008, 05:53 AM
......worth a thousand words, as they say:) I'm fixin' to install mine,


Paul Eastham
11-24-2008, 10:21 PM
Yes, thanks for the photos. Nice install.

The clearance from the main pushrod looks pretty tight, but I suspect some of that is just due to the angle of the photos.

11-25-2008, 01:34 AM
Yes, thanks for the photos. Nice install.

The clearance from the main pushrod looks pretty tight, but I suspect some of that is just due to the angle of the photos.

Thanks Paul! The picture does have a little paralax in it, and it's taken at the full forward/full left stick stops (that's the point of min clearance if the servo is installed in the left bay). The clearance I have at that point is just over 1/8th". I'm going back in this week to turn around the bolt that attaches the servo push rod to the stick (per Dan H's recommendation in another thread), and apply nut movement indicator stripes to all the attachment nuts. I don't think I'll have the clearance to turn the bolt around at the servo arm end of the rod, though as he and Mike S stated, the servo arm bending pressure on that bolt should be minimal (and almost all of the connection is on the bolt shank). I would probably have to move the servo aft to do that bolt reversal, but don't really want to redrill the holes in the fuse bottom to do that (and the clearance to the wires from the wing is already pretty tight).

I'm also considering cutting an inspection hole in the floor panel and covering it with a plexi window, to allow preflight inspection. Probably overkill, but I'm leaning towards a little more caution in the realm of flight control integrity just to be on the safe side!

Will post some final pics after making the tweaks this week.

Thanks again!